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Coach Outlet Chongqing star 68 Square Boutique Opening Ceremony was held, the famous Taiwan fashion star miss Pace Wu as guests, attended the opening reception. From the United States COACH after 70 years of development, has become a classic American design in landscape. COACH Chongqing star 68 square boutique embodies the design concept of Bleecker street, Bleecker street COACH shop in New York as the prototype, the stars shop indoor decoration reflects the private home furnishing atmosphere, inlaid with black oval stones white Matt marble floors, herringbone parquet walnut wood floor, and elaborate architectural moulding, highlight the multiple space inside the taste of home. Coach Factory Outlet starlight 68 square boutique also has a men's area, reflects the New York Bleecker street COACH men's shop aesthetic idea first. This shop goods highlights COACH rich range of products, customers enjoy a superb collection of beautiful things, Seiko secret agents, good quality COACH products at the same time, the company's way of life a lot more taste. Coach Outlet Store is the United States of America famous leather products luxury jewelry brand. Coach is headquartered in New York, is come first on the list of the main men and women boutique accessories and gifts of the United States of America enterprises. After many years of sustained development, "COACH" brand has become associated with LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI (Gucci), FENDI (Fendi), PRADA (Prada) brands such as world-class luxury fashion brands. Coach (Coach) was established in 1941, was a family-run workshop. In a loft in New York in the United States in Manhattan, six artisans to generations of manual techniques produced a series of leather products. Since then, coach (Coach) unique craftsmanship and high quality production is the very particular about the quality of the customers. Coach is a word, meaning a coach or coach. 1941 The founders of COACH: Miles Caha,The founders of COACH: Miles Caha Coach Outlet Online was first established, is jointly operated by six from leather family man master, is one of America's oldest and most successful leather products company. Since then, coach (Coach) unique craftsmanship and high quality production is the very particular about the quality of the customers. Reportedly, coach (Coach) founder Miles Cahn was initially inspired by making obtained from a pair of traditional baseball glove. He found a baseball glove is used more and more smooth, so he uses its technology, and after careful treatment, will be sturdy and durable baseball glove leather becomes soft and durable. The leather has a charming natural lines, and does not require complicated maintenance skills, can keep the original appearance. Today, after more than half a century, COACH leather factory is still by the exquisite craftsmanship leather craftsman is responsible for, most of them have more than 20 years of experience in the leather, the leather process full of love and professional, therefore, for every COACH cobbler master, COACH is not only a brand name, more is the crystallization of their effort and inheritance. Nineteen ninties, COACH company and many have a history of the old enterprises, encountered a "bottleneck". At the time of the COACH products, mostly have a strong functional, durability and so on, but in the advertising information, the rapid expansion of the last century 90's, but not to build up their own unique brand image. At the same time, Louis Vuitton, PRADA began to market for product design to impression, these companies took many originally belong to the market share of COACH. COACH sales not only remain stagnant, and retrogression. By 1995, the company ushered in a turning point, because they have a history of "savior" -- Lou Frankf. He became the company's chairman and CEO, COACH brand began to regain its vitality. Frankfurt philosophy is: in the modern society, material prosperity, advanced information technology, relying on quality and functionality has been unable to meet the needs of modern consumers, consumers actually care more about and pursue the carry is joyful, is beautiful, "emotional" demand. So after he took office, the work is no longer so that the quality and function of COACH becomes the only competitive product, he will improve product "emotional needs". Shortly after taking office, Frankfurt, new designer Reid Krakov. Krakow put forward a famous 3F new product ideas -- Fun, Feminine, Fashionable, COACH directly the brand see hope. Starting from the raw material change in product design, Krakow began to use leather, nylon and cloth, introducing lightweight, bright bags to the market. When the Coach perfume Coach perfume (5) and change it just started not completely, but the gradual. Because the Frankfurt believe that, if the fling caution to the winds to implement new design, will only cause COACH natural resentment among consumers. "We have to do is in the premise of not hurting the original brand, do the gradual reform." Slowly, innovation works, COACH company's sales began to pick up. Reliable quality and excellent design of COACH back to the line of sight of people, and quickly to regain market share. After more than ten years of development, by the end of 2006, the company's market value has close to $18000000000, become a leader in fashion brand. Coach (Coach) in China In recent years, China's market demand for luxury goods is gradually warming up, even as the global luxury goods market in 2009 under the financial crisis facing recession threat, Chinese consumers of luxury goods purchases are no less. Market research firm Pao Principle in a study of China market research show that in 2009, in an interview with the rich in China, about 90% people over the past year have buy a brand-name handbags, men and women 1/3 2/3 in the past year have buy a brand-name watches. But Coach also saw the potential of the Chinese market. Therefore, in the year of the world in time to cut costs, but at the price of Coach from Hongkong ImagineX group purchase agent retail business in China, which is changed into a straight battalion, after that Coach started fist in China. Results in the third quarter of 2011, Coach brand has 85 stores in the Greater China region, achieve sales of $185000000 in china.

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