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Of course, the high-tech is not only the network or a social networking site, Burberry Outlet retail theatre is only in this era can be born. From 4 continents 19 countries consumers to enjoy the giant LED screen in the Burberry Outlet Online retail theatre, realistic sound effects and video technology the new synchronization brings the perfect fashion show experience. This concept is to let the customer can enjoy the latest content from London's global headquarters in the Burberry store inside and outside of the screen, but it does give people a feeling of space distance disappear. Do not think that the concept of retail theatre and looks like simple, as a veteran luxury representative Burberry to bring the customer service is also a luxury level, so the birth of retail theatre behind countless R & D, digital technology to test new and strengthening of sound and light tone and visual technology. Only first-class high-tech worthy of first-class brand. And, as a tablet computer high-tech world trend is also indispensable in leading the trend of fashion and luxury industry part. Burberry is specially designed for the iPad application, so that consumers can through the network terminal to browse and order directly T fashion. The most worth mentioning is, place an order for the goods in this way after only 7 weeks can be sent to the hands of consumers, it took more than 4 months early arrival time to the traditional luxury industry, high-tech once again to narrow the gap between consumers and products in the distance,Burberry Outlet Store but this distance between the, the now accustomed to people quick rhythm life, attraction is not big. Luxury into high-tech didn't just start, but certainly not the end. The progress of science and technology make people's life more comfortable, Burberry Outlet Sale and advocated into high-tech luxury is to allow individual luxury more "human", which consisted of Burberry brings the humanization concept is the future development trend of luxury trend, as the leader of the Burberry also have the luxury market set up the successful example.

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